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The first book published by Paul Fisette, is now available. See below for ordering details.

This first book, “What? Is! The Meaning of Life. One man's Journey living this eternal question.” documents his Journey of Discovery. How do we discover what our soul's purpose is? To read an excerpt from his eight month Journey driving through North America experiencing life select (click) the first book above.  


The companion book, “What? Is! The Meaning of Life. Interpretation Manual.” will expand on the topics touched on in the first book. The author will try and explain why things happened the way they did and how they affected him. Within this second book he will raise the questions that some of us ask at some point in time during our lives and provide the answers that he has arrived at. Follow along as he describes his thoughts and feelings about why we have been put on this earth. Is there a “God”, and if there is, what are his plans are for us? If there is no “God”, then what mysterious force is at work in the Universe?

The "Meaning of Life" set wouldn't be complete without an album of inspirational photos. The third book in the series, “What? Is! The Meaning of Life. Inspiration!", will be a collection of the author's photos, including various quotes, poems, and brief words of wisdom.

From the beginning of time, either with the Big Bang or God's Created Universe, through to the struggles of modern life, the author asks the questions that have boggled the minds of great thinkers from Plato to Einstein, and to theologians such as Saint Augustine and Saint Thomas Aquinas. Do we have to die on this earth to find the answer? Is “God” giving us the answer and we aren’t listening? Is evolution the key to finding the answer and all we can do is wait and see? Maybe the answer is right here, clearly outlined for all to see, read, and feel?

Open your Eyes! Open your Soul! Open your Heart! Experience Life!

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of one, or all of the books when they are published, send us an email and we will put your name on a list and will advise you where you may get your copy.

What? Is! The Meaning of Life. One man's Journey living this eternal question. is now available. You may purchase the book directly from us at $30 Canadian (including GST) plus $10 shipping, at Amazon.com, or from the publisher at $25 US plus shipping. You may also download the book from the publisher for $5 US.

To order from the publisher follow this link. What? Is! Lulu Storefront

To order from Amazon.com follow this link or search for the book title on their website. Meaning of Life. Note: If Amazon is out of stock please visit the publisher's site. Books are always available.

To order from What? Is! Inc we request that you send us a note through our Contact page with your mailing address and we will ship the book once payment has been confirmed from Paypal. Packages are shipped using Canada Post regular parcel ground.

We hope to have our shopping cart system implemented soon to streamline this operation.

Thank You for your purchase!


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