Scary Stuff-Happy Halloween!

Today I’m going to talk about scary stuff. The scariest of them all that I could talk about and am an expert at is My Mind.

No body knows My MInd better than me. If psychologists and psychiatrists poked and prodded around My Mind I am quite sure they would become insane.

The really big question is how is it that I don’t go insane with the mind that I have?

People reading my Facebook comments have stopped questioning me about my postings because they just don’t make sense to them. Let the crazy person ramble. Just like the homeless “bum” muttering to himself in the streets.

My MInd is a Miracle. How else to explain what it sees. My MInd, you see, easily understands concepts. It’s not into details and specifics. I read a complicated book on physics, or cosmology, or religion, and I can associate the “grand” concepts. My Mind remembers the concepts, not the specifics and details. That might be the reason I have a hard time making others see and understand what I know. How do you summarize grand concepts from 1000’s of pages of stuff I’ve read into one or two line “sound bites” or “Tweets”.

That’s also the reason that I probably go off in divergent tangents each time I have a conversation about my life and what I do. My life, like My Mind, is about grand concepts and ideas that diverge in numerous direction like a multidimensional spider-web.

My Mind, like My Life can only be understood by me. Actually, by some strange Law of the Universe, the one only other person who seemed to truly understand me is the one person who is not in it (physically), Pranee. I’ve made numerous mentions that we connected at a level that is difficult to explain. Yes, we verbalized each other’ thoughts. We understood each other without speaking. We were/are, in a lot of ways, a reflection of each other. Mirror images.

My Mind doesn’t just SEE, it KNOWS. My Journey the past few years has provided me with information that would have taken a lifetime to understand if all I would have done is read. By discovering the information by actually experiencing the theories the learning curve was much steeper.

I could post non stop on Twitter and on Facebook the thoughts and ideas that pass through My Mind. It would all seem like random ramblings. I rarely, if ever, get my postings “liked” on Facebook and no one re-tweets my Twitter posts, but that’s not the purpose. the reason. I don’t even get “real” comments on my blog.

None of that is important. Really! My life is what my life is. My Mind is what My Mind is. Peace and Freedom is what you achieve when you arrive at a point where nothing matters anymore. Once you arrive at the point where nothing matters anymore, only then, can you realize that the one only thing remaining that actually does matter is LOVE. At that point you are completely empowered because nothing can dis-empower you. Once you realize that you have nothing to lose then nothing anyone else does, matters. Then you are completely free. You have no reasons to fear anything.

After this point all that you receive is a gift, a bonus. You’ve had nothing. You can go back to nothing.

Yes, having Pranee “run away” from me hurt like hell and it “broke my heart”. She didn’t die. She’s still out there, somewhere. There’s the saying, “It is better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all”. It’s all Bull Shit.

If we don’t know what we don’t know than, than we can’t miss what we’ve never had. Try going from owning and driving a Ferrari to only being able to afford a rusted out Ford Fiesta. Or, living in Beverly Hills and ending up in the slums of Calcutta. Can our mind adapt to the changes? Yes. Would we enjoy it? I doubt it.

My Mind is a scary place because I know that I am a genius (according to some psychological tests), that it can understand scientific, medical and spiritual concepts that baffle many great minds, but that there is one concept that I fail to understand from a logical and common sense perspective.

My MInd is a Scary place because the one thing it cannot comprehend is Love.

Love does not come from the mind. Love is the only, one true feeling. All the other feelings come from the mind. Don’t believe me. Think about it. But then, maybe only My Mind can understand that concept. If you don’t understand the Tao Te Ching, than really, what can you understand?

Happy Halloween Every Body!

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