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Stretching the Truth, or, Truth in Interpretation?

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

I’ve been on the road for the past month heading towards the Canadian East Coast. Check out my travel blog to see where I’m at and what I’m seeing.

I’ve been posting in that blog my travel experiences but ignoring my thoughts and feelings about more, let’s call them philosophical, thoughts and experiences.

During this period I’ve finished reading Robert Pirsig’s “Lila”, James Redfield’s “The Celestine Prophecy” (for the 4th or 5th time) and Raoul Auclair’s “La Dame de tous les Peuples”.

I’d like to start off by talking about what some of you might call…”coincidences”.

In my travel blog I related a couple of the stories. When I was in Falcon Lake, MB I “ran” into my cousin Grant shortly after thinking that I should go visit him. In Charlottetown, PEI we “ran” into Derek & Amber who were sun tanning in a park a couple hours after I was wondering if we would meet up with them on that day. Derek’s comment was “What a small world”. The third story is of “running” into a campground neighbour at Peggy’s Cove, NS an hour or so after we left the campground. That neighbour, in a camp spot right next to us, was someone we hadn’t talked to but as we were getting ready to leave for Peggy’s Cove had decided to walk to the washroom at that exact moment and we kind of acknowledged each other (good morning). An hour later we, more or less, run into them as we are walking to the lighthouse. The neighbour’s comment, jokingly, we must be stalking them, as the meeting was way too “coincidental”.

Another “coincidence” was the day I went to Lunenburg, NS to visit this historical town, but also to get more information on the Tall Ship, Barque Picton Castle that has Lunenburg as its’ home port. BTW, the ship wasn’t in port, but I visited their store and chatted with Sara, one of their employees. Last fall when I was in Europe riding my motorcycle I was reading the book, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, also written by Robert Pirsig. During one of my stopovers I went to a Tall Ship festival in Germany and saw the Barque Picton Castle. Last year in my travel blog I wrote that I should probably see some parts of the world by Tall Ship (this one leaves next May for another 1 year round the world journey). After chatting with Sara about the application process to get on the ship and what type of people they are looking for I wandered around town for a while and the drove over to Mahone Bay, a place I had driven through on the way to Lunenburg and had caught my eye as a place to stop in on the way back.

What I had on my mind was whether I would/could spend a year in close quarters with others for a year on a Tall Ship. I had seen a few sail boats in Lunenburg and more in Mahone Bay. Maybe the alternative to spending a year on a Tall Ship was skippering a sail boat around the world. Something I must tell everyone is that I really don’t like water. I’ve never been on a sailboat and haven’t the faintest idea how to sail. Jibs, halyards, mizzens and tillers are all foreign terms to me. Sailing around the world? Is this guy nuts?

My sentiments exactly. But I said the same thing about riding a motorcycle around Europe for 2 months, never having ridden a motorcycle before in my life. So why even think about it. Well, I was…and I needed an answer. Boy did I get one. I’m walking on the docks at Mahone Bay taking pictures when I see this sail boat anchored a short distance out. This is probably the only sail boat that I can clearly see its name…Dream Catcher. For those who don’t know, I have on my business card the job title of Dream Catcher. Coincidence…or the answer I was looking for? The question still remains…WHEN?

DReam Catcher

The story of “Lila” takes place on a sail boat as the author and/or his alter ego “Phaedrus” sail down the Hudson river in New York state. This novel is the author’s second philosophical study. These are the only two books he has written. As in his previous book, the narrative is embedded between rounds of philosophical discussion. The main goal of this book is to develop a complete metaphysical system based on the idea of Quality introduced in his first book. Unlike his previous book, in which he creates a dichotomy between Classical and Romantic Quality, this book centers on the division of Quality into the Static and the Dynamic.

The Celestine Prophecy is considered a work of fiction. The story of a journey of discovery for a mysterious manuscript in Peru with 9 “insights” about how man should live life and realize his true self. In Paul’s Journey blog, my first book, I touched on the first insight, the one about coincidences and messages from “signposts”. Since this book was written the author has “written” two more insights, with a twelfth in the works. The eleventh insight is as follows:

“The Eleventh Insight is the precise method through which we hold the vision. For centuries, religious scriptures, poems, and philosophies have pointed to a latent power of mind within all of us that mysteriously helps to affect what occurs in the future. It has been called faith power, positive thinking, and the power of prayer. We are now taking this power seriously enough to bring a fuller knowledge of it into public awareness. We are finding that this prayer power is a field of intention, which moves out from us and can be extended and strengthened, especially when we connect with others in a common vision. This is the power through which we hold the vision of a spiritual world and build the energy in ourselves and in others to make this vision a reality.”

Raoul Auclair’s “La Dame de tous les Peuples” is one of two books given to me by my mother on my stopover in Winnipeg last month. I promised to read this translation of 56 “messages” a woman received from the Virgin Mary between 1945 and 1959. These “visions” were messages directed to the Church (in Rome) and the people of the World. The most important message I received from reading these 56 “messages” was that LOVE, TRUTH and JUSTICE are the most important teachings. The “laws” of the Church can be changed, but these basic teachings cannot. The second book given to me by my mother is an updated translation of the messages and a clarification of how the original messages were never fully understood. The second message I received from reading the “messages” was that “modern” means had to be used to get the message out.

When I was in Winnipeg I had a discussion with my Mom. She had read my travel blog and how I was “changing” my name to Giovanni or John. Somehow that ties into the changes occurring in the Church or the way these visions or messages are announcing the next phase or evolution of the teachings from God. I’ll read the second book and try and figure that one out. I always do figure it all out. The information I require is always provided to me.

Now I’m going to go out on a limb and state that I KNOW that the insights as documented in the Celestine Prophecy are NOT fiction. They are truths because I am currently living them. The Seventh insight directly relates to me receiving my message about the sail boat. The story of “Lila” and the leaps in evolution that man has made and has to make confirm my thoughts about what life is all about.

My first book talks about love and using modern means to get a message out. All these books I’m reading support my spiritual mission. My Dream Catcher Consulting does the same by helping others see their life truths. Why believe me? I have nothing to gain. I’m not trying to convince anyone to buy any products. Buy the Celestine Prophecy or read it again. Read books by other authors with information that will help you figure out your spiritual mission. Only by looking back on your past can you fully understand where you must go.

Overcome and let go of your fears and have faith. These are the only two pre-requisites. Plus LOVE everyone.

This blog entry was originally suppose to be about “truth in advertising”. In PEI, Cows Ice Cream state that they are the best Ice Cream in Canada. At Peggy’s Cove they state that they are the most photographed place in Canada. Other places or items state the best or the only or the “whatever” in the World. Are they all lying? Just stretching the truth? It all boils down to Robert Pirsig’s analysis of Quality. No one is lying. No one is stretching the truth. In each of their minds these statements are the TRUTH.

The same can be said for religion, spirituality, mysticism, new age thinking and even witchcraft.

Think It! Feel It! Live It!

Love to all….