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Time & Space!

Saturday, January 17th, 2009

Well, it’s been way too long since I’ve posted anything here and the only excuse I have is that I keep on procrastinating. But then, maybe the reason I haven’t written anything is that the time wasn’t right. Remember…every thing happens as it should and when the time is right.

And so, what have I been up to since I came back from my European Expedition and wrote my last entry?

I have published my first book. I have volunteered to be the Air Cadet League of Alberta provincial fundraiser. I’ve bought a 2006 Mini Cooper S which I will be plastering my logo and motto on. I’ve incorporated my company. Started going to the gym and am taking a yoga class.

All that in three short months. What took the longest to do in this period was edit my book. Though, before starting to do that I had to catch up on doing the things around the house that I hadn’t done in over a year of traveling.

The more I think about what I have done, the more I am aware of all the things that I still haven’t done. I could do stuff (no sleep) 24 hours a day and still not catch up. And so, that’s where living in the present comes in. I continue to live for today. I know I have stuff that needs to get done, important stuff…very important stuff…very very important stuff…like marketing my book so that I can get some revenue coming in to pay some bills and getting my photos posted and a shopping cart system implemented so that I can make some sales that way…but I haven’t stressed over those things.

Every thing happens as is should! When it should! Time and Space.

That doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t be doing anything. I am constantly thinking of ways to market my book and the process of uploading and selling my photos. It took a while but we (my nephew the web programmer and I), found the right program to that. Then I spent some time learning the program and figuring out the most efficient process to get the photos onto the web server. But still no photos online to sell.

I know a priority is doing the administrative stuff that the government requires. Bookkeeping. Taxes. Stuff like that. No matter what kind of reality I create, the world “out there” still forces me to do certain things.

I’m currently reading 3 books. One is a list of 40 places to go and things that you must do in your lifetime. I’ve done about a half dozen of them already. But this is someone else list. We all have our own to-do, must-do, and should-do lists. Some of the things listed in this book just don’t interest me. Though, reading about these places is still interesting.

The second book I’m reading is a History of Time, by Stephen Hawking. That’s where the Time and Space comes from. The Universe. Quantum Physics. The Beginning of Time. A Unified Theory of Everything.

The third book is on Witchcraft. It was time to learn about a new subject and not go by the Hollywood storyline. Maybe when I’m done I’ll be able to conjure up a love potion or a money tree. But then, maybe I already have the ability to do those things?

Well! That’s where I’m at. My plans are to write more often in this blog. We’ll see if I do that.

Think It! Feel It! Live!

PS. Last week I was feeling pretty dejected. I found out that my Dream Girl got engaged the week before Christmas. And it wasn’t to me. Then I started thinking as to the reasons why all the signs pointed to her being that one special person for me and now it seems that that won’t happen. But then, maybe it still will. I can’t lose faith. Or am I just being a sucker for all this Law of Attraction stuff. Only TIME will tell. Or should that be, only SPACE will tell?

I love the way MY mind works!