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Saturday, July 5th, 2008

Welcome to What? Is! inc’s website.

I never realized how time consuming it would be to develop a website. It’s easy to say you’ve hired someone to design it but the content itself is all yours. What is it that you should write in the Welcome box to present a professional image without sounding soulless? How do you go about describing yourself or what the purpose of the website is? This is especially difficult when most of what you are “selling” is still in abstract form.

At the present time you may browse my photos but at some point in the future those same photos will be available for purchase. That raises a whole bunch of questions that need to be decided such as prices, sell online, mail order prints, payment options, and the list goes on endlessly. I also have thousands of photos in my portfolio. It takes a lot of time to select and upload those photos.

Then there’s the problem of talking about a book that’s not even written yet. Yes, I have a general idea about what the book will be about, but what I’m finding out is that life never goes as planned. It might be news to most of you, but, I’ve NEVER written a book before! There are even more questions that have to be answered there. Do I self-publish? Do I find a publisher who’ll take most of the profits? The more research I do on the subject the more questions I have. I’m looking for answers, not more questions.

And what do I do for a Homework page. Bright idea on my part. It takes even more time to put some content there. How can I be experiencing life if I’m stuck in front of a computer? How can I do research or write a book? Maybe I could hire an assistant who comes real cheap? Like free! Great benefits…ME! Or maybe…Having to put up with Me.

The forum. It’s there for all of you. Am I dreaming in that people will actually visit my website and start discussions? We all have questions. We’re all looking for answers. Why not post them here. See what others have to say.

I’m still working on figuring out the ins and outs of this blog and website management so hopefully things go smoothly. Comments, positive and negative, are welcome as what has gone into the website is new to me, the author, and as time goes by will, hopefully, be improved on.

Thanks for checking us out!