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Friday, October 21st, 2011

Two days ago I’m sitting in a Starbucks in Nanaimo reading a book on 2012, called 2012:Science or Superstition by Alexandra Bruce. I’m reading, take a break, do some more reading, then put the book down. The guy sitting across from me asks me if that’s my car parked outside. I answer yes. We start chatting. My car caught his eye (I wonder why). He saw my website address on the car and “checked me out”. He reviewed my website and commented that it was very well designed (many thanks to my nephew the graphic artist), though, he says, I hadn’t updated it lately (yes, that procrastination issue, or, my “excuse”, Everything gets done when the time is right!).

Wayde was a bookseller and currently is “reinventing” himself. He states that sales of published books, hard and soft cover, are dropping and there’s an increase in eBooks. Thus, bookstores such as Chapter’s/Indigo and Barnes and Noble may one day go the way of video stores such as Blockbuster. I doubt that will happen soon. We all seem to enjoy holding that paperback while lying on the beach. Also, didn’t they also say that about newspapers a few years back?

Wayde is now a Social Media Consultant . Wayde helps companies be in the Top 5 when searches are done by tweaking their web and Facebook pages. I try and stay informed and already know that the best way to get “known” is through the internet. He’s re-affirming what I know but I haven’t, completely, been doing. The last major change on Facebook is going in this direction for businesses.

Now you all know why I’ve (re)started blogging. I’ve finally set up a Twitter account. Though, in the past few days I still haven’t figured out how following or having 1000’s of followers on my account can actually help my business. If you’re following 100, 1000, or 10,000 fellow Tweeters, how do you actually have time to read the stuff being Tweeted?

I’ve linked my Facebook, Twitter and Website together and will link my Travel Blog as soon as I start (re)writing in it. Though, if I’m writing in a travel blog I should be traveling, don’t you think?

Now that brings me to the issue of money. Why does life always seem to revolve around money?

I have very little, or no money. But money still does trickle in when I really need it (yes, people wonder how that happens. Maybe one day I’ll timeline the running out and replenishment sources to prove I haven’t been lying). I’ve noticed this pattern that’s developed in my life, especially this past year. The pattern is that I run out of money and more comes in when I’ve figured out where I’m suppose to be and when I’m supposed to be somewhere else. The extremely difficult part about living like this is choices. I KNOW that this pattern exists, but on what and when am I suppose to spend the money that I have so that this actually happens? I also have all these thoughts and ideas about where I might need to be and what I should be doing next. But which place is the “right place” and “when” am I suppose to be there?

Time and Space!

Time and Space is relative. That means I am never wrong, philosophically speaking. Using the Law of Attraction I create my life with my thoughts. My thoughts create my life. But I have so MANY thoughts. How does the Universe know which ones should be created?

Now! The Past! The Future! The Present! It really is all NOW!

I’m not “making” money because I already have the money that I need to do what I need to do. Or do I?

The World is a changing. A change in consciousness is really happening. 2012? Let’s wait and see.

Me? I’m looking for a “real” job these days. I’m doing what society wants me to do. I’ve had my fun traveling the world the past 5 years. It’s time to pay off the bank, credit card companies and the federal government. But there’s another pattern that I’m aware of in my life. What’s that?

My plans never go the way I plan them!

God…The Universe…The One Power already know and are making what’s suppose to happen, happen.

Think It! Feel It! Live It! Love It!

PS. My family better get use to it. I have no control over my life. But then, neither does anyone else. And people think I’m the crazy one!

Asia 2011 Backpacking Expedition

Saturday, February 5th, 2011

On January 6th I flew to Hong Kong for the start of my 4 month expedition through South East Asia. Select the link below to follow along on my journey. (if the link doesn’t work, copy and paste in your browser)