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Dream Catcher Consulting

You call on a Personal Trainer when you want help getting your body in shape.

You call on a Financial Planner when you want help getting your finances in shape.

You call on a Life Coach when you want help to improve your life in a specific way.

But who do you call when you want to get your spiritual self where it should be?

That’s where Dream Catcher Consulting comes in. We believe that each and everyone one of us has a specific spiritual path to follow. Unfortunately we live in a world that where we come from has a large impact on where we end up. Often the path we follow is not the one our spiritual self must follow.

Whether we are afraid of change, fearful of the unknown future, pressured to live a certain way, just satisfied with the mundane life we have chosen, or are unaware that we actually DO have a choice to become aware of who we really are, Dream Catcher Consulting is here to assist you in realizing your soul’s purpose.

We cannot tell you what your soul’s purpose is here on earth for, for only you are able to know that, but we can guide you along the Journey to help you make that determination while, at the same time, providing some assistance.

You may be asking yourself how we do that. Fortunately, we have followed our own spiritual Journey to discover that there are some of us who have been put on earth who can hold good dreams, good visions, ideas, and opportunities to help people achieve their ideals and goals. We can be considered totems, or good luck charms, who can concentrate good energy and neutralize negative energy.

You may not believe it, but having contact with our Dream Catcher can enable you to fulfill your Dreams, your Wishes, and your Desires. That is, we can make it happen as long as you are clear in what your Dreams, your Wishes, and your Desires are and they respect your soul's purpose.

Why can we do that? Our Dream Catcher has great faith in the Great Spirit, in the Laws of the Universe, in God. We do not ascribe to any one specific spiritual school of thought. We believe that we have all been put on this earth to find and follow our own path so that we can all arrive at the same destination. Most, if not all, of us need help in finding that path.

Our fee guide is simple; we request that you donate whatever you believe our services are worth. Only you can determine what your Dreams, your Wishes, and your Desires are worth. When you are fulfilling your soul’s purpose you will know it. This knowledge should make any assistance provided in acquiring it Priceless.

See our contact page on details on how to reach us.

What do you have to lose? Maybe not living the life you were meant to live!


Think It! Feel It! Live It! Love It!

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