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Why What? Is! inc.? What’s in a name? A message! An identity!

A question and a statement! The name What? Is! inc. came about to convey the message that we must constantly ask questions and find answers. A two year old asks “Why?” as a way to learn. As grown-ups, we must also ask questions to grow. If we ask a question, must we not find the answer? Is the answer not "Is!"?

Many people arrive at a point in their life where they start asking questions again. Spiritual questions such as “Why was I created?”; “What’s my Purpose in Life?”; “Is there a God?” Where are they supposed to go for answers? TV shows, magazine articles, self-help books, the internet? Everybody has a different answer! Which is the right one? Are there right ones?

The author of What? Is! inc. believes that to find the answers to these questions the world we live in was created to be experienced. He will document his research, his questions, his answers, and his experiences on these pages using words and images.

The first question you may be asking is "Who is the person who was inspired to start up What? Is! inc."?

This person is Paul Fisette. He was born in the Canadian prairie city of Saint-Boniface, Manitoba, a suburb of Winnipeg, at the tail end of the baby boom generation. He grew up in a French Catholic family with two older sisters and a younger brother. A product of his environment, he learned the importance of hard work, helping others, and being dedicated to your children from his parents.

Throughout his high school years he joined numerous committees and worked after school to pay for his passions...books, music, technology and enjoying time out with his friends. Graduating from High School an opportunity arose for him to follow one of his passions. He received a bursary to go study audio-visual technology, though, as fate would have it, he ended up taking a filmmaking course...film study, photography, composition and cinematography. He fell in love with this discipline but was homesick for his social network. Returning home to Winnipeg, he enrolled at the University of Manitoba to start on his Commerce Degree. Within a year he determined that this wasn’t for him. With a natural talent for the business world he took the leap to a retail environment.

Now married, with a child on the way, he noticed a change in the retail environment. Evenings and weekends were no longer reserved for family. This went against his belief that a father should be involved in the raising of his children. He needed a career where he would work weekdays 9 to 5 and would allow for a comfortable standard of living. Accounting would be that career, something he was a natural at, though without the passion.

Paul spent the next 20 years as a Certified Management Accountant with the same employer. He rarely did the same thing for very long, always volunteering for any project that came along. His appetite to expand his knowledge of everything continued to grow. He found his niche as a Technical Advisor. He could spend his days doing research and used this knowledge to help others. He assisted his co-workers fulfill their duties by coaching, mentoring and in delivering training courses.

Unsure of where life was leading him, a mysterious cosmic energy in the Universe forces Paul to re-evaluate his life when a convergence of events leads him to the point where he concludes that he isn’t fulfilling his soul’s purpose. There is a higher purpose for him in this lifetime. A Visionary Philosopher, Paul has recognized that we are all searching for the same answers. He is a disciple in the school of thought that no one discipline provides all the answers. He must continue to expand his knowledge and assist others in their quests at the same time to try and find the answers we are all looking for.

What? Is! inc is his response to assist him, and others, in providing a key to unlocking the mysteries of life.

Think It! Feel It! Live It! Love It! is our motto. Why? All great accomplishments have begun with a thought, and so we must "Think It!". Just thinking about something doesn't mean that it is right, and so we must also "Feel It!" deep inside us to know that what we are thinking is right. Finally we must "Live It!". We must go out and experience whatever this thought and this feeling that we have had to confirm that is it right and to make it happen.


Think It! Feel It! Live It! Love It!

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